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Birthdate:Feb 16
Location:Bonn, Germany
What you don't need to but might want to know about me:

I'm from Germany, I am (kind of) studying English and history at the University of Cologne, though I'm also looking at other options right now which doesn't mean stopped loving either of the two. I'm also a self-proclaimed 18th century geek, passionate though very sporadic artist and avaricious reader, hanging around on the fringes of Fandom. I usually prefer to lurk quietly in the blogs of others, and spend all my (very limited) writing energy on the accounts of my personal woes which are the only subject about which I can comfortably say anything with any kind of authority.

To put it short: I don't bite and I rarely bark either.


I used to be known as [ profile] mieronna/[personal profile] miri, but that person hasn't really been me for a while and I decided it's time to start again.

For now, I'll be happy to grant access to anyone who asks/grants access to me. I don't really have any plans for this blog and it'll likely just be personal ramblings and not locked at all.

What I do know is that I'll be using this account as a feed for various 'meta' content I'm currently interested in - if I subscribed to you and you've no idea why, this is the most likely reason.

This journal will be fully mirrored on Livejournal, under the same name.
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